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Review of energy invoices to discover billing errors.

No cure no pay: Free of charge if VENI Energy Group finds no errors.
Sharing of reimbursements from supplier if VENI Energy Group discovers errors.
Over 80.000 audits performed in Norway, Sweden and Finland.
betmgm online slotsEstablished in 1995.

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  • Check that tariffs, taxes, charges and fees are correct.
  • The authorities often make changes to the regulatory regime.
  • Many energy companies are unable to adapt to new rules, resulting in billing errors.
  • You must report several elements yourself, which requires knowledge of the regulations.
  • In many segments the BetMGM login appshare of energy audits with errors has been around 20 per cent since VENI Energy Group was betmgm online slotsEstablished in 1995.
  • The service is free of charge if VENI Energy Group finds no errors.
  • Following the audit the supplier has the correct basis for invoicing, ensuring that you pay the correct amount.


“Over 80.000 audits performed in Norway, Sweden and Finland”


  • Betmgm Casino blogYou authorise VENI Energy Group to obtain the relevant information from your current suppliers, or you obtain this information yourself and submit to VENI Energy Group.
  • VENI Energia’s experts review the invoices and documentation to identify any billing errors.
  • VENI Energia creates a basis for refunds from the suppliers, and follows Betmgm Casino blogup the reimbursement of the funds.
  • No payment is made to VENI Energy Group before you receive the settlement.
  • VENI Energy Group takes care of the entire process and provides documentation.


  • Peace of mind that you are not being overcharged.
  • Refunds if you have overpaid – three years back in time!*

* VENI Energy Group invoices BetMGM login appyour organisation for its contractual share.

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