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Energy Audit

Energy Audit ensures that you are invoiced best betmgm slotsaccurately for your electricity consumption

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Energy Sourcing

Energy Sourcing ensures competitive electricity prices for businesses across Finland, Sweden and Norway

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Metering & Energy Management

Metering & Energy Management manages and reports distribution charges in multi tenant properties

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Selected Clients

Group companies:

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VENI Energy Group AS

Org. nr. 916 321 058

Org. nr. 898 652 602

Org. nr. 556755-7284

Org. nr. 980 405 540

Org. nr. 556899-4015

Org. nr. 986 330 682

Org. nr. 1110017-0

Org. nr. 556563-9308

Org. nr. 827 561 592

Org. nr. 2840712-8

Securing energy for your business